Success: A Career That Will Guide To Success

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A Career that Will Guide to Success Choosing the right career can be difficult, but having a defined career direction will help with finding the right career one is looking for. With a little hard work, some planning, and some serious self-reflection, one can set themselves on a path towards a fruitful, fulfilling career that can provide not only financially but to enjoy what one will do as a living. When it comes to almost finishing college or the university the feeling of “Am I choosing the correct career?” “Will this career supply the correct income to provide for a living?” So many questions run through the mind that at times we are unsure if that is really what we want to pursue. Many people know for sure the path they will take to complete their goal in education. The mind will be filled with doubts, commitment, and various other barriers that could probably kick us out of balance. After looking at the various choices I have to take as a career I found my self interested in Accounting. Many say the word accounting itself is boring and stressful. Therefore, how more difficult can the job be. With all said I was unsure of what I wanted to become under the field of Accounting, but after searching the unlimited careers that fall under Accounting I found myself drawn into wanting to become a Controller in a small business. After researching on what a controller really does on the job I was amused by the responsibly a controller takes. In accounting the word controller has a specific meaning, which is to control accounts themselves, which is to say, to keep them correct. This would, nevertheless, tend to mean overseeing the work of others in this respect, so a controller is likely to be quite a senior. However, it may not nec... ... middle of paper ... ...nt Accountant designations. Most accountant-controller positions are primarily stationed in an office environment. Controllers are hardly ever expected to travel as needed. One thing I did come across as a researched the job was that most controllers are in high demand when working full time. Job duties can become extensively heavy and may not even meet deadlines. Due to this excessive overtime is required. When is comes to closing the month or year accountants are is strictly mode to sure everything is in order before closing the books. After all any careers leads to different unknown way. No one will ever understand the career they choose to take until they are two or three years down the road. Even after having finish attending school for four years mant people end up changing careers and even return to school to achieve another careers of their choice.

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