Substance Misuse And Abuse Among The Elderly Population

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According to the National Institute on Health (2012), drug misuse among those ages 65 and older is increasing in the United States. This research is an effort to determine causality in these increases. The issue of substance misuse and abuse among the elderly population is complex. The elderly rarely use prescription medications to get high rather, drug use that begins after age 60 appears fundamentally different (Culberson & Ziska 2008). The elderly sometimes turn to prescription medications to ease psychological as well as physical pain. This discomfort is often caused by ongoing medical and psychiatric illness, the loss of a loved one or social isolation (Culberson & Ziska 2008). The elderly frequently have a combination of both functional and social behaviors that maintain substance use. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (2009), medications frequently prescribed to those over 65 years old include those for anxiety, pain, and insomnia. These drugs include; benzodiazepines, opiate analgesics, and muscle relaxants, all of which have high abuse potential (SAMHSA, 2009). Individuals 65 years and older account for one-third of all medications prescribe. However, they represent a mere 13% of the population in the United States (Basca, 2008, Morgan & Brosi 2007). We are approaching this research from two primary theoretical perspectives. The Human Ecology perspective is based on our relationships with our natural and social surroundings. This theory focuses on problems people face and how they reason and act on them. The second theoretical foundation is the Theory of Continuity. Despite the course of aging, personal identity and patterns of ideas and behavior are considered to be... ... middle of paper ... ...ur dependent variable is the misuse of prescription medications. Budget We have requested a total of $923.66 to complete the above-mentioned study. The student researchers will conduct all aspects of the proposal including surveying respondents, driving to locations, and analyzing the data. This being proposed, compensation per diem is neither necessary nor included in the itemized budget. Attached below is an itemized list of expenses that include materials for a basic four- page survey (larger font) for approximately 200 respondents. It also includes printing for additional documents such as consent forms and scripts. Instead of offering a monetary incentive for participating, we are giving a gift bag to each respondent that includes a snack, bottled water, hand sanitizer and facial tissue. Price estimates for each item are on and
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