Substance Abuse Among Teenagers and Young Adults

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Substance abuse among teenagers and young adults continues to call for a national concern for a number of reasons, one of them being the impact of these illicit substances on their health immediately or in their later lives. This research will concentrate on the abuse of cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy. Reports from various agencies frequently describe drug users as severely impaired health wise, recent research suggests that these outcomes are not extremely severe as people thought (Edwards, 2004). A thorough review of present literature suggests that substance abuse can leave the users vulnerable to a number of health problems. Many of these problems however can be tackled with a diversity of interventions. The study suggests that the home setting or the societal bond of the individual may have a strong authority over his substance abuse than being judged individually (Horwood, 1997). This research will highlight recent findings from academic literature concerning the debate about the long term effects of illicit drug abuse for recreational purposes by teenagers and young adults in their later life. Cocaine, ecstasy, and cannabis exposure has been the key focus of the great majority of research conclusions, and thus, are featured majorly in the literature. Research findings from brain development, social interaction, behaviour, skills, attachment and physical appearance are highlighted here. Also the possible implications and interventions and policies like drug legislations are discussed (Spooner, 2005). Literature review The research embarks on an examination of the literature on substance abuse during early stages of life. Although the research is to center on adult consequences of teenage or early adulthood behaviour, it’... ... middle of paper ... ... (1993). Antecedents and consequences of cocaine use: An eight-year study from early adolescence to young adulthood. In L.N. Robins and M. Rutter (Eds.), Straight and Devious Pathways from Childhood to Adulthood (pp. 158-181). Pearson, G., (1987). Social Deprivation, unemployment & patterns of heroin use’ in Dorn, N & South, N. (eds) A land Fit for Heroin’. Aldershot: Gower. Room, R. (2005). Stigma, social inequality and alcohol and drug use. Drug and Alcohol Review Vol. 24, 143 – 155 Seddon, T. (2000). Explaining the Drug - Crime Link: Theoretical, Policy and Research Issues’ Journal of Social Policy Vol. 29, No. 1, 95-107. Spooner, C. (2005). Structural determinants of drug use – a plea for broadening our Thinking. Drug and Alcohol Review, Vol. 24, 89 - 92 Wilkinson, R. G. (2001). Unhealthy Societies. The Afflictions of Inequality. London: Routledge

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