Sublime Theory In The Purge

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The movie The Purge is built on many elements from Burke’s theory about the sublime. The main ones that are seen more than once in the movie is terror, obscurity, power, and the violence. The sublime theory is used in many of the horror movies, because it makes the people feel an emotion that they can’t express. When people watch The Purge it has them on the edge of their seats to see what is going to happen next in the movie. The use of the sublime theory in the horror movies is to give the public what they want. People can feel better about themselves after watching these types of movies. Using these elements together, it makes the movie better, but not only that, but each element helps each other out in the scene to make it a very good movie and show the appeal of the sublime theory.
The terror can be expressed in many ways in the movie, for example, it can be just the thought if something chasing the actor to the phone just ringing. In the movie The Purge
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Each element helps each other by making the next scene better than the one before. It has the storyline come to live, and having people thinking what can happen next or who has the power in the movie. By seeing this movie it can make someone feel complete and satisfied for a long time.
Through the whole movie, it keeps the terror, obscurity, power and violence in every scene. It feeds the soul some kind of feeling that no other can. The order that the ideas happen in the movie it makes it very intersecting and has the viewer wondering what is going to happen next. The sublime theory of Burke is used in many horror movies because it gives the audience what they are looking for. By using the all of the elements of the sublime theory is gives the reader or viewer what they want and each one helps the other one be better. Yes it does give the movie more of an appeal by using these
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