Style Of Life In Robert Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay

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Robert Frost was a poet, born in California, in the early 1900’s. A few of the early work that he did shadow the style of life he lived as a boy. Realistically giving a depiction of the farm style, rural, living conditions of California at the time. For the most part, his poems follow a fairly normal rhyme scheme and are appealing to read, unlike some others of this same time period. Frost became known as one of the greats in regards to American writers. He paved the way for not just American writers but specifically Europeans as well, to follow and learn from his many timelessly meaningful poems. As previously mentioned, Frost liked to portray rural California life in his poems. The first one that really exemplifies this would be, “The…show more content…
Frost writes, “natures first green is gold,” (Frost 738). This statement is powerful for a couple of reasons. I believe this to be another one of Frost’s double meaning statements. Nature’s first green is obviously talking about springtime and the beautiful green it brings to the world, but he also calls it gold. Gold here refers to the sunlight that peeps over the horizon every morning, giving the world a golden case, as well as using gold as a descriptive object rather than a descriptive color. Calling natures green, gold is saying that the new life springtime brings is as precious as gold. He then makes the statement, “so Eden sank to grief,” referring to the Garden of Eden (Frost 738). The bible states how Eve at the apple from the Gardena of Eden and humans were never again one with nature because we then became aware of our sinfulness. With that then being said, Frost is insinuating that the beauty of nature will never stay forever because of human’s sin. The golden sun must rise and set each day to punish us for our actions. This poem relates to the others in the sense that nature is not one with humans anymore. Humans build up walls and nature tears them down, we must be lead to the water to drink whereas sinless animals just know by nature, and as represented here is the cringingly accurate statement that everything beautiful in life must die because of us. In all of his works, Frost uses his imagery and personification of nature to teach us a lesson. That lesson being, nature is good and humans should begin to learn how to live as one with nature or we will too

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