Studying Abroad: My Experience For My World

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As a student from a low-income, single parent household, studying abroad was not a goal that I thought that I could not achieve coming into Elon University, which is a private university. Not only was the concept of studying abroad financially prohibitive, but it was also a totally new concept for me and my family, especially since I would be the first member of my family to travel abroad for a significant amount of time. Despite all of this, I knew that I wanted to still find a way to study abroad. For me, studying abroad would be the chance to learn about another country’s culture while learning about my own at the same time. Studying abroad would also be a way to discover more about myself by navigating through a culture and learning how to interact with people different than myself. After…show more content…
For me, Indian culture is so fascinating because of how different it can be from Western culture. While taking the class in Hindu textual traditions, I discovered how Indian culture is so intertwined with Hinduism in a way that makes for a unique and beautiful cultural atmosphere. Thankfully, I was able to experience this beautiful culture last winter as part of Elon’s Winter Term program, which allowed me to go to Tamil Nadu and Kerala for nearly a month to study caste, gender, and religion in the Indian cultural context. While in India during that course, I continued to find more aspects of Indian culture that fascinated me, especially concerning gender. I also developed my interest in religion and Hinduism by going to multiple temples with professors who are experts and could answer my questions with authority. These experiences led me to both study gender within the Indian context and plan to go back to India for a semester through the Alliance program in

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