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In Hong Kong, many parents refused to send their children outbound due to the drawbacks included high capital requirements and separations of families. However, despite considering those small amounts of drawbacks, studying abroad should be encouraged and supported as it can benefit the students much.

One of the advantages of studying overseas is enhancing the cultural knowledge base of the student. The direct touch of the foreign society would definitely help the student to learn the cultural values of another country in a more effective way, instead of just absorb the knowledge from the book. Professor Nate Nault (2012) said that `One of the best ways to experience a culture is to live it` , which show the same stance towards this. On the other hand, students can have a better understanding on their own cultural values, as they have learn a new set of values, they can refer and compare them, in order to reflect the insufficiency of their own value. As Dwyer(2011) represented her view of `Studying abroad can help to better understand their own cultural values and biases.` , it would be trustworthy to say studying abroad can benefit one’s cultural development.

Secondly, studying overseas would help to increase the maturity of the participants. On account of students would receive less resistances like from their families when living in Hong Kong, they have to finish tasks like housework and buying clothes by themselves, this thus enhances their self-reliance. Also, according to the survey conducted to studying abroad’s participants by Dwyer, the overwhelming majority of respondents (97%) agreed that they have become more mature and independent. As most of the students have less opportunities to learn to be independent in Hong K...

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...d to choose a school with good connections and objectives, as well as choosing the course teaching with multiple languages and with a flexible timetable. By following the above suggestions, I believed that it can ensure students to have more benefits from the school and have a bright future after graduating. Furthermore, it is the assurance of students to learn more dialects and have their own time to do what they want, it thus guaranteed the result of studying abroad would be positive.

To conclude, the stated advantages are only the tip of an iceberg, which the students can discover much more than these by their direct experiences. Although there might be some obstacles to stop students from achieving the best results, it would not be a real mess as these can all be solved. Therefore, I think Hong Kong students should try to study abroad and gain benefits from it!

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