Study on the Prevelence of Domestic Violence in India

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When I was in my graduation years, there were some serious issues. Among all these issues domestic violence is the most attention requiring and with need to have strong law implementation to counter it. Violence against women is now widespread and public health problem. Its health consequences are grim. In India there are several communities which are different in their geography, language and culture. In several places of India, there are scenario that women faces violence on regularly basis are still unspotted even in media, where as it often carry news and articles about young women being burnt alive or dying due to unnatural causes in incomprehensible circumstances.


In the eastern side of India possessed four states namely, Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. Among these four states, three states, Orissa, West Bengal and Jharkhand were selected to have a wider representation of the zone. The population of these states was 31.7 million, 80.2 million and 26.9 million in the year 2001. This study was conducted under cross-sectional study method. The participants were both men and women. To assess domestic violence exposure, women were asked several questions on various behaviours of violence. Questions were asked to get there experience to a specific act of violence during their life time in recent time period. On the flip side of it men were asked about his perpetration of violence against his partner. All the interviews were taken in regional language. Interviews took place in a private place in or away from the respondent’s home, with care that other family member isn’t at home during interview. Participants were assured of being confidential of their responses.


In the existing study, wom...

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...s, urban residence, older age, lower education and lower family income are associated with existence of domestic violence. Also there is need of primary healthcare institution to routine the screening and treatment for violence related injuries. This data also provide vital information to determine the condition to develop interventions as well as laws and programmes towards preventing domestic violence.


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