Study on a Hispanic Club at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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In the beginning, when it was said to my class that we were expected to right and ethnography. I had no idea what that was. Dr. Cairo began to explain to us what she did, what and anthropologist did, and, most importntly,what an ethnography was. First thing I thought to do my Ethnography on was a church or public place. My choice changed about three times but I finally choose to study a Hispanic Culture club here at SIUE (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville). I made this decision because I wanted to learn more about what Hispanic students that go to this school go through, what traditions do they practice, and what is thier family background. Another expirience that changed my topic is one that took place in Anthropolgy class. That week of class, Dr. Lee Mun Wah visited our school and gave a seminar on a very controversial topic, racism at universities around the country. Wah basically concluded that our generation, generations before us, and the future generations were following in the footsteps of our ancestors going all the way back to slavery. A young lady gave her opinion in class and stated that African Americans and Caucasians always made racism about black and white, in other words, one sided. She concluded that there was more to racism than blacks and white, and that many other cultures of people including Hispanics were involved in racism as well. Her opinion caused me to do some deep thinking. My main focus for choosing my topic was not fully supported. I was doing so becuase I have a Hispanic in my family background. A new focus was developed in my research and opinion. My observation, including my interviews took place on campus in the MUC (Morris University Center) in the Meridian Ball room. In my reaserch an... ... middle of paper ... ...d had a eye contact that could not be broken. These two interviews out of the three had a greater impact on me because the level of observation was increased between the two. While constructing my interview questions, I reminded myself of my straight forward approach I wanted begin with. I tried to make all of my questions open ended. I was satisfied to see the different cultural practices I seen in the meetings, now I was interested in hearing from the students to see how they felt about thier culture and the cultures around them. I tried to learn about cultural background information along with any discrimination they've encountered throughout thier life. With one interviewee, he explained that his mother is American and his father is Hispanic. He explained that his grandmother would always get angry with his father about not , staying in touch with his culture.

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