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Friday 6th December 2013 - Maths Fractions On the first day of my revision I decided to begin with fractions. A fraction is a numerical quantity that is not a whole number (e.g. 12, 0.5). The information I gathered to revise fractions were, going back to my notes I took in class, using BBC bite size website, also doing questions from GCSE maths book. Being in college on Friday I didn’t have much time during the day to study maths, but once I got home and had dinner I decided to start studying. At approximately 21:00pm I got together all my revision information and decided that the first 10 minutes I would have a look at some videos on YouTube from maths lecturers to get a better understanding. After those10 minutes I decided for the next 20 minutes I reflect back to my notes I took in lesson, then I started creating some of my own questions to test my ability. The last 10 minutes of my revision I decided to start a test on lowest level of fractions at BBC bite size then gradually built up to higher levels. The outcome of the test was better than I thought; I was impressed with the result and had a better understanding. I also decided to take notes for every topic throughout my 10 days revision this was in addition to know my weaknesses and if I couldn’t understand I would ask my lecturer for help. Fractions are not my weakest in maths as I do have a rough understanding. Saturday 7th December 2013 - Maths Factors On Saturday I usually work from morning to evening, but this day I decided to take a day off to spend time with family and to prepare for my maths exam. As my timetable shows this was an incredibly busy day spending time with my child and being able to visit my family. However in the evening I decided to ... ... middle of paper ... ...with revision online and 10 minute online test the results were improved which means I have improved. This was very helpful as it reminded me on how straightforward it was just by having a quick recap on the topic. It was very helpful particularly as these are my most difficulty in maths. Monday 16th December 2013 Maths Ratio o -On the day of my exam I’m recapping my remembrance on ratios, just before my exams I test myself with class mates for 20 minutes and then I decide to take some notes just so I could have a final glance of what I was recapping on. The last 20 minutes before the exam I was testing myself. I felt this was a very superior idea as I was very unsure about ratios. Having to have a final memory it bought back all my memories on what I had studied on ratios. I feel positive if ratios came up in my exam I’m confident that I would get it correct.
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