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The most challenging thing about following the SNAP diet challenge was that I had to cook more of my meals than I would usually cook for 4 days. I would usually buy a meal from a restaurant around 3 to 4 times a week, but eating out for one meal costs around 8 dollars and so I wasn’t able to afford to eat out at a restaurant during the challenge. I found it annoying to spend more of my time cooking than I usually would. I didn’t like that I had to give up some of my time to study in order to cook because during the 4 days that I did the challenge I happened to be very busy with several assignments to do and an upcoming exam to study for. Also, I found that I had to think of some unique ways to cook my food. I was used to eating the same dish for a couple meals per week, but I didn’t want to eat the same dish for several meals each day for 4 days. I had to spend some time making the recipe for the tofu stir-fry sauce because I had a very limited variety of ingredients compared to when I would normally make a stir-fry sauce. In order to make my budget stretch as far as possible during the challenge, I used two different strategies that I had used previously in the past. First, I used a pan with a nonstick coating in order to eliminate the need for oil when cooking my stir-fry dishes. I was unable to find cooking oil that was cheap and suitable in flavor for making the dishes I had in mind and so I chose to use a nonstick pan with a little bit of water to prevent the food from sticking to the pan without using cooking oil. Second, I went to two grocery stores instead of going to one grocery store. I went to both Safeway and Trader Joe’s for my groceries because from past experience I knew that some food items were cheaper at Trader ... ... middle of paper ... ...if I had gone out then I would have spent around 75% of the $18.92 food budget in one night. In summary, the SNAP diet challenge was not a happy experience, but it did help me to realize and notice things that I hadn’t noticed before. First, I realized that it was possible to get 4 days worth of food with a limited allowance of $18.92 by cooking most of my meals. The variety and amount of foods I could cook with were limited, but I didn’t feel like I was starving myself throughout the experiment. Second, I realized that it could be very annoying to limit my choice of foods even for 4 days. Third, I felt that the budget could seem even more limiting for a SNAP participant that decided to buy meat because meat is quite expensive. If I bought meat then I would have had to reduce the variety of other foods like vegetables in order to accommodate the large cost of meat.

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