Study Abroad Case Study

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When first hearing that we had an opportunity to study abroad in China I was ecstatic being that I have never been outside of the country. At the time there wasn’t much that I knew about the Chinese culture. I haven’t been introduced to it much in my past, but as the trip is approaching I have been trying to learn as much as I can about their culture and society so that my hopes aren’t set to high or too low. I am going into the trip with an open mind and being optimistic about every experience and opportunity given. I am aware that things will be very different and that there will be much of a culture shock being that all things will be new to me. The culture is what I think most will be new, exciting and different to me being that all things practiced in the United States are not accepted in China. Being that their water is not drinkable is something I think that I still can’t get over being that I like to drink water. Also that all of their beverages are served room temperature…show more content…
Of course this act has been denied; they refer to this as “body doubles” and sometimes the body double doesn’t even resemble the actual criminal. China’s air pollution is a topic of its own. The air pollution is as bad as it comes, the smog is extremely thick that the beautiful buildings cannot be seen. The air pollution is measured in parts per million and the World health organization measures china to have 20ppm, the global average is 71 and Beijing tops at 500. This can compromise the health of citizens; so to prevent it majority of the citizens wear surgical mask or stay inside. The air pollution is something that scares me a little, but I have talked to some people who visit and live in Shanghai and they say that it isn’t something to be overly concerned with that 2 weeks isn’t going to harm me
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