Students with Learning Disabilities in the Private Regular Schools

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An investigative study into the curriculum provisions that help students with learning disabilities in the private regular schools of Dubai achieve better academic skills.

I. Introduction
The current universal trend of including students with special needs in an inclusive setting has gained momentum in the United Arab Emirates with the advent of the federal law 29/2006. Moreover, it is in accordance with the United Nations Salamanca statement (UNESCO, 1994) wherein it ensures that education is a fundamental right for every child and it is the responsibility of the state to provide the adequate opportunity to achieve the child’s maximum potential. This study would help to obtain an insight into the students learning environment in an inclusive setting. The inclusive setting can be defined as where a student with disability is integrated into the mainstream school and it focuses on the student strength to promote his achievement level. Inclusive education encompasses of placement in a regular school, instruction based on student requirement and social adaptability. Especially for students with learning disabilities it is possible for them to succeed in a mainstream school by simplifying materials and providing alternative course work. (Friend & Bursuck 2002). Therefore, this study aims to find the practices that promote a better achievement level in students with learning difficulties in reference to placement, instruction and social adaptations within the school setting. For this reason, the proposed research questions will aid in finding answers to the study conducted.
1. To what extent does the schools support with a modified curriculum to meet the needs of the learning disabled student?
2. What are the support services an...

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