Students Who Work May Show Signs Of Stress More Significantly Than Others

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Students who work may show signs of stress more significantly than others. With time management, a student can demonstrate that they are more dedicated to school and achieving their life goals. Stress levels for students seemed to be substantially lower than others for students that have fortunate parents that provide payment for college tuition and are not forced to work. Those same students seem to be less dedicated to their work and time on campus (Whitman et al., 1984). Students who have better time management skills do not show cases of anxiety and/or low self-esteem, but students who cannot properly manage their time are more likely to suffer with these flaws of the human condition (Hudd et al., 2000). Leisure activities are another way to help a college student reduce stress; whether it is spending time with their family and friends, studying, or even sleeping (Misra & McKean, 2000). Students who could plan leisure time were less stressed and felt better about their college years. Research shows that students who do not have time for themselves show higher levels of stress than those who have personal time (Misra & McKean, 2000). The following study involved 144 full time university students that had a mean number of sixteen credit hours. The Daily Stress Inventory scale was used to access the stress levels in the participants ( Brantley, Waggoner, Jones, & Rappaport, 1985). In this inventory, the following participants were asked to complete daily assessments that would promptly bring upon a stressor. Once the stressor was indicated each participant needed to document their stress on scale from one to seven ( Brantley et al., 1985). During this study, student where given a questioner that asked about there majors, coarse ... ... middle of paper ... ...loyed must put forth an effective pace at work to be able to keep their job. This makes doing work for college harder because they are not only are physically tired but also mentally drained from having to please employers and coworkers. Most college students work in a job that deals with the public, which is hard to please. The customers at stores may cause stress because of the demand they have, and with most stores having the belief that the customer is always right; the student feels the need to work their hardest and take whatever punishment the customer is willing to give. College students then have to effectively manage their money which can be stressful because all of the money they are going toward their work. The studies showed that the amounts of stress for students who work face are much greater challenge than those who don’t have to work through college.
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