Students Should NOT be Judged based on SAT Scores

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Standardized tests like the SAT and ACT are on everyone ‘s minds as the November 1st early admission deadline approaches. As a high school senior I know that it is a very stressful time. The competition is intense, we are not only competing with people from our school for a slot in a college class, but we are competing against students across the nation. The competition is between people from every background imaginable; public schools, private schools, AP, honors, and academic classes, wealthy, poor, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, etc. Students are encouraged to continue their college education at colleges and universities throughout the country; however, many students are discouraged from doing so because of the barriers that standardized tests put up. Every high school senior has one of those secret little numbers, and according to my teacher, that number determines our ability to study and succeed in college. The College Board claims that the SAT is a standardized test, which means that all high school students across the U.S. take the same test. On the surface this assumption seems true, but a closer look reveals test scores that are determined by factors such as money, gender, test anxiety and even race. For most high school students who want to attend an elite college, the SAT is more than a test. It is one of life’s greatest landmarks. While reading the essay titled Does the SAT Predict College Success? I came across various reasons of why theauthor thinks standardized test should be kept and why they are fair. The argument was that they do not restrict access or diversity. Standardized tests do restrict the accessibility of the college and also limit the diversity. The College Board assumes that all... ... middle of paper ... a decision that is not based on scores. I hope that wherever I go is a good fit for me personally and not just a good fit to my scores. I hope you will reconsider your opinion on the use of standardized test. I also hope that you while you read the response to your essay you change your opinion and use your authority to influence other people to do the same. Thank You, Works Cited

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