Students' Behavior Needs to Be Monitored

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behavior is very important and students behavior often needs to be monitored. The principal of my school is considering whether or not eight grade students should be graded not only on academics but also on their behavioral performance. Of course grading students on behavior is a superb idea because it is a fantastic way for parents to determine how their children actitute is like while they are not present, students grades and behavior will also improve is they know that they are being graded on behavior. Overall it is a splendid and beneficial idea to grade students on behavior it should absolutely be done.
Not only should students be graded on academics but also on behavior, when students behavior is being graded parents reciev a report of how their children are acting while they are not present. if students behavior is not being graded parents must solely go by what the child is telling them, the child could easily be lying to them or keeping information about what occured to themselves. now parents would have a full report not just a few letters and short comments about how their child is behaving.parents are not always informed about what is happening behing closed doors of the school it would be fantastic for them to have something else to refere to for this information. the parents will know how students truely are acting not just if they are intellegent and can make amazing grades all year. if parents see behavior problems that studnts otherwise keep hidden in a report, then they will be able to help and work with them on improving. it is important and necessary for parents to be aware of their childs behavior in school, grading students on behavior is the perfect way to keep parents informed. furthermore, if students are aware that they are being graded on behavior this will influence them to improve their behavior. many students will not pass up the oppurtinity to recieve an eassy grade. when students are repremanded after misbehavior they often try to find excuses and escape punishment (some do). when behavior is graded there would be no escape, that would be like getting crettid for incomplete work. just like students must learn and complete assignments students must learn to behave. many students who did not previously behave will beging to inorder to avoid disapointing and being repremanded by their parents when they recive their childs behavior reports.
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