Student for Peace Was Guilty for Actions in New York City

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Your Honor, I rise in favor of NYC, I believe it was constitutional for New York City to arrest Student for Peace. In the “Celebrate Lower East Side Day” in Tompkins Square Park, the festival was meant for the the diversity, creativity, and community in the Lower East Side, but the Student For Peace did the complete opposite. Student for Peace put up graphic photos that were inappropriate for children. When parents complained about the photos to take them down they didn’t obey. The recruiters tried to stop it from being dangerous but it caused more chaos. The Students for Peace were shouting at the recruiters. When the police came they asked them to leave but they refused.The Student for Peace didn’t seem to make peace. So the police officer arrested them. The preamble gives NYC the right to “ensure domestic tranquility”. Another example is that they made a clear and present danger. Also it wasn’t the right time or place for the Student for Peace to start a riot.

The preamble gives New York City the right to “ensure domestic tranquility”. When Student for Peace were starting the riot, NYC has the rights to stop them because Student for Peace wasn’t making any peace. In the case Terminiello v. City of Chicago (1949), Justice Jackson claims, “Rioting is a substantive evil, which I take it no one will deny that the State and City have the right and the duty to prevent and punish.” This means that if there is a riot the city or state has the rights to prevent or punish it. Also, in the Constitution it states, “ensure domestic tranquility”. This means that NYC needs to make peace. These relate to Students for Peace and New York City because to our case because Student for Peace were causing a riot. Their riot was very disturbing. So ...

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...They could’ve start a rebellion against the government. They can’t say that because free speech has limits to them. They can’t say “fighting words” because free speech has limits.

Therefore, Your Honor, I have clearly shown that it was constitutional to arrest Student for Peace. Student for Peace could’ve caused a dangerous situation. There were inappropriate graphic photos that would've scared kids for life. They said “Bomb Obama not the Babies” that could’ve been a threat. It was important for the police to come and save the day because they could’ve killed someone and start a rebellion against the government. The preamble gives NYC the right to “insure domestic tranquility” also Freedom of Speech has limits like fighting words, and it wasn’t the right time or place. Student for Peace could’ve killed someone and do lots of dangerous things but NYC saved the day.
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