Student Success: The Definition Of Students Success

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A students’ success is a controversial issue. Every individual has different ideals for success. Student success is interdependent on four important attributes, knowing what success means to you than effort, teamwork and competition. Most of the time these ideals don’t fit the paradigm of the student success needed by a school. The idea of success for students is if they get a passing grade. Most of the time they wouldn’t even do an assignment if it wasn’t going to be graded. But schooling let alone educating others shouldn’t be focused around the grades but more on the sole purpose of the life lessons learned from the subjects taught. The success achieved is what you learn besides the subject. Therefore, student success is a difficult subject…show more content…
Albert Einstein was a high school dropout yet signal handedly changed the world. Bill Gates was a college dropout that went on to be one of the richest people in the world. These are a few of the people that didn’t see academic success to be important but saw the need of individual success that they wanted to fulfill for themselves and no one else. Malcolm X in “Learning to Read”, only went to school through the eighth grade and his education was built based upon books and letters he wrote and read during his time of imprisonment. He also learned the words in the dictionary by writing down each word and there corresponding definition for every letter on his tablet. With his dedication of self-success proves that it’s more of the students’ responsibility for their success because Malcolm X didn’t have the experience of school education past middle school. He asks us, “Where else but in prison could I have attacked my ignorance by being able to study intensely sometimes as much as fifteen hours a day? (X 282)” He was not destroyed by the prison, he became a passionate reader and speaker in it and has some sense of gratitude for having been put there. It is almost inspirational how people do not lose their individual strive for perfection even in the harshest conditions and incarceration. Having the capability to educate…show more content…
Motivation can be easily misunderstood from wanting to graduate and not finding your strength and weaknesses throughout the schooling. When a student doesn’t understand a lesson most say ill look it up later or that won’t affect me on the test. But in reality every fact helps with the overall understanding and the purpose of the lessons. Some don’t like high school or lower grades because they are taught subjects that don’t interest them. They additionally think if no one, not even the teacher, is putting in the effort for them to succeed than they shouldn’t either. Because of the inactivity from the students and teachers the students go as far as isolating themselves so they do not have to interact with their classmates and their teachers. They think that isolation is better than having to participate because they don’t need assistance to be a failure. In the essay “I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose, he talks about his time spent being, “placed in the vocational track, a euphemism for the bottom level [in school]. (346)” Many of classmates, including himself, did not care for the lessons being taught. The teachers were disinterested as much as their students in his class. Success still can be achieved even in the lowest level of teaching because it’s up to the student to do all of the assignments and be inquisitive. Without being inerter active success will be achieved
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