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Student Arrested Due to a Clock
Education is one of the bases of our lives. This means, it is essential to be well educated nowadays because it leads to many special and good developing opportunities. So, being a good student at school and receiving a good grade going to depend on the three parts. Which are the student him/her-self, the student’s family, and his or her school. However, if any part of these three does not acts as it should be, the level of the education might be frustrated. As we discussed that on chapter one, the family is the first institution for their child, which means they must be careful about their performance as “parents.” Also, the second institution that effect on student and his personality is his or her school or even teachers.
The news article that I read was about a fourteen years old Muslim boy arrested duo a clock. Ahmed Mohammed is a high school student at MacArthur in Irving, Texas who is originally from Sudan. Ahmed dreams to be an engineer in the future. Regarding that, he invented a digital clock that made of a pencil case and took it to his school to show it to his teachers. However, one of Ahmed’s teachers thought that clock was a “bomb.” So, the high school alerted the police immediately and they handcuffed Ahmed even after telling them it was only a clock. Ahmed says, “They arrested me and they told me that I committed the crime of a hoax bomb, a fake bomb.” Additionally, Ahmed was suspended for three days. However, Irving police released him when they determined that there was no threat. Ahmed says, “ I built a clock to impress my teacher but when I showed it to her, she thought it was a threat to her. I am very sad that she got the wrong impression of it” (CNN news, Mus...

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...ed the police to protect the class from what she valued as a threat not because Ahmed’s religion. If I put myself on her shoes, I will be patient enough by asking the student and other teachers about this digital clock before alert the police, because as being teacher I must be careful and thoughtful about every students’ feeling.
In conclusion, Ahmed’s case shows how his teacher misunderstood him while he wanted to impress her by his digital clock. The teacher’s misunderstand drove him to be handcuffed by the police. The violence happening in the schools in general led the teacher to take an action in order to save other student from threat. Or because she felt she was responsible to protect the students, school, and her self of that hoax bomb. Teachers should have knowledge about their students’ backgrounds by having social communication in the classrooms.

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