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When I was offered the position of running for Class President, my head was immediately was flooded with thoughts. I wasn't even aware of the officer position until recently, let alone a presidential position! I think that the student body should be more informed and more involved in their grade, whether it be sport games, school clubs, or more school spirit. I think the upcoming junior class has so much potential to be the best junior class that Kingwood High School has ever seen. As a Class Officer/President, I would like to raise awareness of all departments, and make Junior year the most enjoyable year of high school. To begin my essay, I will talk about my strengths. I think my strengths differentiate myself from the other candidates, simply because my qualities are very unique, and make me highly qualified for this position. To start off, I am a very social and personable person. I talk to everyone, I hear their voice, and I listen to their opinion. I take everyone and their opinion into consideration at all times. I know the feeling of thinking you're unappreciated, simply because no one will listen to you. When at all possible, I make a point to not let anyone in any way feel like they are not equal to everyone else, or unimportant. Another strength of mine is that I can be a leader, but I can also be a follower if needed. I enjoy taking charge in situations, but when I do not, I respect the person who is in charge, and give them my full attention; as I would give to anyone. I respect everyone, whether it be an authority figure, or a fellow peer. I believe that in order to be respected, you must display respect. Vibes that you display will be returned, and it is your decision on what the reciprocating mutual feeling wil... ... middle of paper ... ... updating the student body on upcoming events; because several peers have told me, “If I knew about these events, I would go! I just never know when they are.” (Kelly Hill, Sophomore). These are just a few of my goals and ideas, of the many that I have, that I would like to enact if I were elected Class Officer. In conclusion, I have many ideas for being the upcoming Junior Grade Class Officer, and am thrilled about this upcoming year.I am a very qualified and bubbly person who loves being a leader and am completely open to constructive criticism. I believe in the idea of student interaction, and feel that it is the main focus and key to my plan to make Junior year the best year yet. I would love to get in contact with the previous Junior officers, and listen to their ideas that worked wonderfully for them, too. If you want a girl that is workin’, vote Diana Durkin!
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