Student Grades System

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Student Grades System

Built originally in 1939, Greenford County School was a grammar

school, for boys the London Borough and girls, serving the needs of a

rapidly growing population on the western edge of Ealing. Our 1930s

Tower at the front of the main building is still a distinctive

landmark and makes our school instantly recognisable. It remained a

county school until 1974, when Ealing changed to a comprehensive

system and the school undertook expansion to cope with greater numbers

of pupils

The school is situated in Ruislip Road, Greenford, near the junction

with Lady Margaret Road. The school has three blocks of buildings,

which house the main subject areas, together with a sports hall, which

is fully equipped with sport facilities.

In 1992, Greenford High School became a Grant Maintained School and in

the following year, the intake increased when it began to admit Year 7

students into the school for the first time. The school now has over

1440 students on roll, with over 300 in the sixth form.

Kate Griffin has been head of Greenford High School since September

1991 after previous posts as deputy head in Durham and head of

Mathematics in north Tyneside. She is married and has two sons. She

has ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the school and in

particular for personnel and staff development.






The reports which is written at the end of the year by the teachers

can prove to be very difficult to construct this is because as the

teacher will have many classes hence the teacher will have many pupils

to teach due to this it would be very difficult to remember the name

of every single pupil. In addition when the teacher will be trying to

analyse the results of a specific student it could prove to be again

difficult to view this is because as the teachers are normally given a

handbook in which all the result are stated init.

Furthermore, as the teacher normally manually writes it, it could be

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