Student Code Of Conduct In The Phoebe Prince

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Student code of conducts are used to serve inside of school and outside for every individual. Code of conduct is just an enforcement to establish rules just as a violation for example bringing weapons to school or any dangerous objects inside of school. Code of conduct in schools are rights for students and faculty to follow and obey, listing many different types of severity and what discipline should be given. Schools often have to update the code of conduct because in many cases the school is the one to always lose. Coming up with newer codes of conduct is hard due to so many things take an active role for it to be enforced. It is not just making a rule up and trying to follow it, it is passed through a few places to be approved for it to…show more content…
In the case of Phoebe Prince where her own school did not have a code of conduct and her death was a way for Massachusetts to finally have a code of conduct because before it was one of nine states without a law against bullying or schools to regulate it. After all that had passed teachers and administrators had to undergo training to be able to recognize and respond to bullying. Phoebe Prince was the new girl at South Hadley High School she was a freshman Phoebe was a young girl very beautiful Irish background and was very quickly popular every boy at school wanted to talk to her and even girls envied her. A couple months later Phoebe was in a relationship with senior Sean Mulveyhill, a senior who captained the football team. Soon her popularity began to turn into her worst nightmare always called horrible names and started not to be as a bright person she was once. Friends watched her cry and called names became bystanders did not speak up when Phoebe was speaking up and teachers were not paying attention thinking it was just a waste of time. She was followed and even the boy she had once dated bullied her. No one knew what was going on with Phoebe and was not able to detect it but Phoebe was bullied to her death. She had made the decision to kill herself because she was tired of it and even if it was not always physically but words will always hurt more and when it is constant people do start taking them in and wonder it is better off dying. Even after Phoebe’s death hatred people still bullied a girl after her death, posting pictures of her making fun of them and so many others commenting she deserved
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