Struggle For Survival By Charles Darwin

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Struggle for survival. Only the fittest can survive in this world, Charles Darwin has discovered this fact in this earth. If someone can’t fit, its existence disappears by itself. It is the truth of living being and have been applied since they appeared. Today while I was out for lunch found one old woman, who seemed physically disable because her limbs were not moving properly, but she was pushing a heavy load in a trolley. I felt so sorry for finding on my way, but she is not only the one in this world whom I have met. Various elderly people are deprived for food and shelter but still working hard by themselves to survive. I encounter many bigger begging on the train or in the street having their proper limbs and with strong english speaking skills. But why those who have suffered a lot have been working hard just for survival? Many questions raised in my mind. Life moves this way, without any reason it happens. But many believe that whatever happens that bring a reason in life. I keep on thinking throughout my whole day today. What could be the reason of suffering for t...

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