Struggle Between the North and South

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As a free country that aimed to develop republicanism, the United States of America had to carry out several constitutional changes during the early period of development. Of course, there were several factors which contributed in shaping the United States of America during the early national period, and they occurred in political development, religious development, and economic development of the United States, the most important aspects of every modern country. Each of these three aspects were interconnected. Institutions and individuals working in these fields influenced the shaping of America and its Constitution after the Independence War. Although their main influences were the ideals that arose during Enlightenment, there were several obstacles in using ideals from the Age of Reason in creating a liberal republic, so several changes had to be made. The ideals that inspired the Revolution had to be influenced to create a functional reality-based system, not one created on ideals. The biggest influence in many political and economic decisions was the growing tension between the North and the South which fought constantly for interests, followed by the influence of religious groups on the Constitution. However, liberalism was still an important influence in objective political decisions on a federal level.

The Founding Fathers were strong advocates of republicanism and they were the ones who founded that system in America since 1776. Although Dickinson originally proposed a strong central government, which could control the western lands and provide equal representation for all states(, these ideas were not accepted by the 13 states. They did not want to create a strong central gove...

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...the Puritans and Quakers of the previous two centuries? Could they embody the 'spirit' of capitalism without actually being capitalist? (Henretta) Hernetta states that Weber considered the religions one of the first promoters and the biggest influence in the development of capitalism in America.

Finally, new economy rules, such as private property rights and free market competition, influenced America mostly, particularly during the struggle of the North and South. While the North was aiming to implement changes in the system, accept liberalism as their main political aim in all aspects of life, the South was against changes. These sides often competed for political influences in new states and economic power. The tension which constantly grew between two sides, seemed to be the most important influence on political decisions that shaped America in its early years.

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