Structure of the Cell and Bio Molecules

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The cell, what is a cell means and what is the structure of it. Everyone knows that it’s the smallest particle in any living organism and it’s responsible for anything that happens in our bodies. As there’s no one know what it functions, what is the structure of the cell and what it is consisted from and what does every part in it functions. So, first of all the theory of a cell is that all organisms are formed from cells which is the structural unit of life and they are raised by division of pre-existing cells, as they can be cultured to produce more cells. Although cells are complex and highly organized due to the numerous internal structures and some are membrane organelles while others are not. In addition to that cells carries genetic blueprints and machinery to use it , as the genes are important for the cells to make specific proteins. History of the cell : The cell was first discovered in 1665,by an English Physicist and microscopist Robert Hooke. He observed that the empty space might be used for fluid transport in the living organisms, then later on Marcello Malpighi and Nehemiah Grew joined their colleague Hooke in his discovery. As they made a detailed study on the plant cell, presenting the cellular structure from the plant body. Although, Grew has linked the cellular spaces to the gas bubbles in rising bread, observing that they are formed by a similar process and finally they animal cell was also discovered lately due to its thin sections needed to be viewed under a microscope which is more difficult to be prepared than the plant cell, concluding that the animal cell are made of several types of fibers and the various properties of which accounted for the differences among tissues. Further more, improvements in microscopes helped the researchers a lot to discover more about cells and make it easier to know more details about its structure , what it function, what processes occurs in it, how the cell is developed and what bio molecules it contains and what are they responsible for. Therefore, these days we have two different types of microscopes that helped in making the cell theory which are the light and the electron microscopes.
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