Structure and Development of Australian Curriculum

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The ACARA is a curriculum document that is collaborated with Government, and stakeholders. It is responsible for the overall development and processing of the curriculum throughout Australia, Providing a set of instruction guidelines for each state and territory. It is a document containing descriptions for teachers to work on lesson planning, assessment and reporting. It focuses on what is to be taught and what students are expected to learn from the curriculum, providing a basis for each state and territory to work from when putting together their educational programs etc. focuses on providing programs and information (links) etc to help promote education and development of students throughout. Parents, teachers, schools, and communities etc, have access to programs and links provided by the Australian curriculum in order to increase communication and encourage support from the parents and communities, while providing further assistance for students. There are also two key documents that represent as guides in the development of the Australian curriculum. These include Melbourne Declaration of Education Goals for Young Australians (2008) and Shape of the Australian Curriculum (2010). The Melbourne declaration forms a basis for which the Australian curriculum is guided. Involving diversity through cross curriculum perspectives, discusses outline, report writing and guidelines. The purpose is to layout the design of curriculum that underlines the importance of knowledge skills and cross – curriculum perspectives, while supporting the changing needs of the 21ST Century. However, the Shape of the Australian curriculum document acts as a foundational guideline for the ACARA in the development of three phases. Phase one: 2008-20... ... middle of paper ... ...d assessment authority (2011) Australian curriculum retrieved from Wiles, J. (2005). Curriculum Essentials: A Resource for Educators. (2nd Ed.). USA: Pearson Education. Early Years Curriculum Guidelines document: app1 retrieved from Brady,L. & Kennedy, K. (2008). Curriculum Construction. (4th Ed.). Frenchs Forest: Pearson Australia. Piaget’s developmental theory retrieved from Atherton, J. S. (2011) Teaching and Learning. Retrieved from on Australia. Piaget’s developmental theory retrieved from Atherton, J. S. (2011) Teaching and Learning. Retrieved from

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