Structural Family Theory Case Study

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Fred, Wilma, and Rose present an interesting perspective when looking at their family through a Structural Family Systems Theory. When trying to work with the family a social worker will utilize Functional Family Therapy in order to understand their structure and maybe ameliorate some of the family’s problems. Using Rose and her family as the clients it will be able explain what interventions we can use when we learn the constructs of the theory. One construct of the therapy is acknowledging the executive authority within the family. In this case, Fred holds most of the authority within the family. He makes most of the decisions that governs how the family functions. Within this construct the adult should hold primary au-thority when there…show more content…
This construct can be seen through their relationship since they have a harder time in agreeing with one another and working through their personal problems of anxiety, helplessness, want of au-tonomy and responsibility. With that being understood, their disagreements can exclude Wilma since the main concern of the family’s dysfunction does not truly involve her. Wilma’s presence becomes extremely needed when tensions arises. I believe that Fred, Wilma, and Rose have clear, but also somewhat unclear boundaries within their family system. Unclear boundaries are prevalent with Fred and Rose. The physical and emotional separateness to ensure effective family functioning becomes difficult when Rose and Fred cannot agree or understand why Rose may inflict self-harm, why she is not fond of the rules, and how Fred’s guilt can hinder his…show more content…
Fred’s role in the family is the power source; the breadwinner, and also a caregiver. These roles that Fred has can be somewhat of an overload on top of the emotional stress about his daughter’s situation and his lack of control during the previous family situation. Wilma is a caregiver, she is not the bread winner but she does bring in good money from her position. She could also be the social director of the family and could have the role of the adult “hero.” Rose’s role is being the adolescent of the family. At this moment her role is given, but it would be interesting to know her role in the family when she becomes of age, making her own

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