Stronger Families, Stronger Countries

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When the First Lady Hillary Clinton gave her speech entitled “Women's Rights Are Human Rights” at the fourth United Nations Women's Conference in Beijing, she was met with exhortation and approval. Clinton's objective while speaking to the women of Beijing was to inform people across the world, not just the citizens of the United States, that women need to feel appreciated, loved and respected in order to fulfill their roles to the best of their ability. Her speech was carefully constructed so that those listening would feel affirmation with every word she spoke. However, just because Clinton was right on many aspects does not mean she took every point into consideration, but it was clear that the rights of a woman are the same as human rights.

In the United States of America, people frequently take their freedom for granted. As a country that founded itself on moral and ethical principles, America has witnessed a variety of both monumental and devastating events. Not every country is free. Not every country gives freedom of speech to its citizens, and not every country will honor its people enough to give them the civil rights they deserve. Some of these countries are, and have been communistic, which means that all economic, social, and other activities are controlled by a dominant political party.

A country most people think of when communism is mentioned is China. Though an amazing country that has been around for thousands of years, China has seen quite a few prehensile leaders and many dark days. When the country took down its communist label in the 1970's, people across the world were skeptical, and China's citizens were apprehensive to every move their leaders made. Though the red banner of communism had been taken down...

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...ts of their women and girls. Clinton may not be the primary example of the best political leader, but she did make some excellent observations when she addressed this issue. The rights of a woman are human rights. Though they should not be completely elevated in every aspect, they are important elements to consider, as women with human rights make better families, which, in turn, create stronger communities and countries.

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