Stricter Gun Control Laws

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Gun Control Laws
“Do something, anything” (Cooke) is the sound of the old cry by men. Guns are a big issue in today’s world. The fact that people blame them for killing innocent children makes it even worse. An action that a person in their right mind would never think of doing, but not everybody is the same. People want the government to enforce stricter gun control laws, thinking that it would solve the gun problem and that it would benefit America, to make it a better country for the people that live in it. Stricter gun control laws would not benefit America because, it would affect the economy, politics, and it would not guarantee to prevent future deaths by guns. First, stricter gun control laws would affect the economy in many ways,
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Background checks are a good thing to enforce when a person is trying to buy a gun to see if a person has a criminal record to even be trusted with a gun. It is possible that while doing so it will help diminish or prevent crime done with a firearm. Even if the government made it mandatory not every single person would obey that law. For example, Jacob Tyler Roberts who stole an AR-15 made by Stag Arms and killed two people in Portland, Oregon, he found a way to get ahold of a gun without by one legally and getting a background check. Richard Poplawski, an ex U.S. Marine who killed his mom, 3 police officers, and left another officer one wounded. Poplawski bought his guns legally and passed the background check, even though he was dishonorably discharged for assaulting his drill sergeant officer. Another reason, is that it would not prevent mass murders, as Kathleen Parker said “Nothing proposed in the gun-control debate would have prevented the mass killing of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School and everybody knows it”(Cooke). Many mass murders have occurred throughout history many of them the shooter has passed a background check without a problem, just like Wade Michael Page did who killed six members of Sikh Temple in Oak Creek. He was an army veteran who was not dishonorably discharged, so he could legally buy guns which he did and passed the background. Also if the government passed stricter gun control laws, the number of illegal guns would increase. Criminals and people would find a way to obtain a gun by either buying it illegal of the internet or simply stealing it, as the internet is already flooding with seller that are selling firearms without a license to sell firearms which is creating a market that threatens the safety of the
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