Strict Parenting Essay

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Parental Rights Parents have legal authoritative power over their children. Parents tend to be strict to look out for their child(s) best interests, but others may disagree that strict parenting is morally wrong, for it robs the children of their own rights. In this case, being strict is defined as the parent loving their child so much that they set boundaries for them, and this includes verbal and physical forms of discipline to help the child distinguish morality--what is right and what is wrong. In this paper, I will argue that strict parenting the moral way to look out for a child’s best interest.
To begin, parents tend to be strict to look out for their child’s best interest. When growing up, a child’s brain development is based off
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The reason morality falls into play is because the child may feel that strict parenting is because the parents “hate” the child. Growing up, most children rebel against their authoritative parents while their brains are still developing. The only thing the parent can do is demonstrate to their children that their actions have repercussions. This may result in physical discipline for the child, or verbal discipline for the child. Typically a parent would not endure in such actions, but it varies from parent to parent. When left with the situation of discipling their kids, some parents feel guilty for taking measures into their own hands, and other parents feel no remorse. The whole purpose of discipline on children is to set them in place. By that I mean to help guide the child down the right path to a prosperous life and responsible adult. If it means physical or verbal discipline, then it is all for the greater good. The child may not see it in the present day, but they will learn the reason behind their parents’ actions in the long run. To help exemplify my argument, let us use the ‘strict father’ model and the ‘nurturant parent’ model as examples. Both terms comes from the cognitive linguist, George Lakoff. In his book, Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think, he makes a reference to the two…show more content…
Despite the actions that come from discipline and go against the parents’ moral values, parents are strict with their children in an effort to look out for the child’s best interests. Others may disagree and view strict parenting as a negative effect on the child’s brain development, but in contrast, parents are strict in order to guide their children down the right path to prosperity. There are different types of parenting, despite whether the parents are good or bad people. If there is one thing strict parenting guarantees is an interest in the child and their well
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