Strict Gun Control Laws

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Gun Control

This world that we humans live in, is filled with numerous interactions on a small and large scale. These interactions can be harmful, beneficial, or have no effect at all on the other members of the interaction. On a more personal basis there is the subject of war and conflict. As civilization have developed and evolved, war has evolved along with us, and the weapons that coincide with this harmful event between two or more people have changed and increased in the effectiveness of their lethality. Guns have been a large advancement in war technology as they are an efficient means of allowing the user to fight from a distance on an individual basis. These guns do not exist only in war as they have been used as a tool to hunt wildlife and even used on other humans in cities during times of peace. There are many sides in this controversial topic as to how and if these weapons should or can be controlled. Within in the last decade there has been a major change in how the average American citizen views firearms. In the past a firearm was viewed as a tool for survival to hunt, as well as defend you from a tyrannical government. The founding fathers of this nation felt so strongly about this that gave it written attention as the second amendment in the bill of rights. However, as I said before this is no longer the view held by most Americans. Now an era of fear and misunderstanding have caused Americans to implement strict gun laws that do nothing except to insure that the only person who isn’t armed is the person whom should not have one at all. All of these laws don’t address the real issue of how to prevent the weapons from falling into the hands of a criminal element or a person with mental issues. Because of in...

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