Stress and Stress Management

Distinguish between problem-focused coping and emotion-focused coping.
Lazarus and Susan Folkman (1984) were the first scholars to make the distinction between problem-focused coping and emotion-focused coping.
Problem-focused coping seeks to ameliorate the stress being caused by a given situation by identifying and making efforts to deal with the source of the problem. It may involve taking action to remove a stressor or to evade a threatening stimulus. Problem focused coping attempts to modify the stressful problem or source of stress Problem- focused strategies lead to changes in behavior or the development of plan of action to deal with stress. A person may take time off from stress by creating positive events. For example, taking a day off from caring for a relative with a serious illness to go to the beach can bring significant relief from stress.
Alternatively, emotion-focused coping is to reduce then density of distressing emotions associated with stress—that is, the aim is to make oneself feel better about a real or perceived threat or stressor without addressing the source of the stress. Emotion-focused coping often occurs when problem-focused coping fails to reduce the stress in a situation or when the stressor is so great that problem focused coping has no real likelihood of helping. It can also come into play when many aspects of a situation are out of one’s control, such as when one is dealing with a terminal illness or the sudden death of a loved one. Emotion-focused coping is when we try to reduce the negative emotional responses associated with stress such as embarrassment, anxiety, or fear (Delongis & Holtzman, 2005). Examples of Emotion- focused coping includes strategies such as accepting sympathy from others...

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...s daily and weekly to aid in reducing stress in my life. I enjoy watching a comedy at the end of my work day i.e. big bang theory and two and a half men. Some days I would call a friend and chat via cell phone or Skype or chat on Face book. Further, I going to the mall on weekends it relaxes me and best of all I love nature so when I get a chance I go up to the ‘look out” on the Lady young road in the night. The view is scenic.
The other stress management methods I do not regularly employ and therefore need to begin to make adjustments in my life especially in the area of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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