Stress, a Really Serious Problem

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In today’s society, life is fraught of troubles, deadlines, frustrations and demands. In the lives of many people, stress is so prevalent that it has become a way of life. According to many doctors and researchers stress refers to the response people have when facing circumstances that force them to act, change, or adjust in some way to maintain their footing, or to keep things balanced. Today, there are many important contributors to stress (called stressors) and the effects they cause to the human body and mind. Physical, cognitive and behavioral problems are some of the effects that stressors can contribute to the human body and mind. Stress can lead to financial problems, work problems, and relationship difficulties.

There are many factors for feeling stressed that people usually suffer. One of the roots to suffer stress is financial problems. Many people suffer of many financial problems, such as paying loans to banks or credit cards, paying the car insurance. In addition, many people are having problems with paying their house mortgage these days, possibly given to the financial crisis that the U.S. has been suffering these last years. This is also related to physical problems since having a serious illness or a severe injury usually provokes the patient to have to pay huge amounts of money to cover their medical bills, so now the motive of stress becomes the result of it. As can be seen, all these issues are connected and people have to learn that work is necessary. They need to think wisely to get a job that they really want and not only think about money, it is vital to not end stressed out and unhappy.

Another reason for suffering stress is related with work problems. For instance, at many jobs...

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... a lot of stress, their minds and bodies pay the price. Many people nowadays try to stay away from stress and calm themselves which sometimes is a very good method. Another good solution for people would be managing stress, which is all about taking charge: taking charge of thoughts, emotions, schedule, environment, and the way people deal with problems. It is important to remember that stress is an inevitable cycle, as the examples given above; trying to get away from stress can contribute to even more stress for people. We just need to try and work with it.

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