Stress Of A Probation Officer

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Every job has its ups and downs, but it just happened to be that we, as human beings, tend to drag our work problems with us to our personal life. Knowing how to separate work from personal life is hard, especially in today’s society considering the technology we have today. This research made me aware of the stress and everyday interactions that probation officers endure and I must admit, is more stressful than I thought. I have always imagined a probation officer’s job much more facile not having such a huge caseload, but like they say, ignorance is bliss. In the following essay, I will be discussing the findings about the stress of a probation officer.
This first study did not mention exactly how many officers were used in this study but it stated that 39 to 55 percent have experienced work related violence or threats. ( Most of the work related stress did not come from the offenders but from the agency itself. There are three major types of stress in the probation world, high caseloads, paper work and lastly but not least deadlines. And as many jobs have it, about 87 percent blame their supervisor for one of the causes of stress. They said the lack of advancement of the job, and recognizing well job done. ( As we can see already, each and one of these stress actors is tied to another. Now the question to ask is how these strong and willing full individual deal and cope with their stress. Some said they took extra sick days just for themselves and other by going to church, venting with family, friends or co workers and others by exercising. (
There has been some suggestion to create stress relief programs. Few of the reasons to create relief stress programs is so probation officer will call out s...

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...alifying ones.( White, Gasperin, Nystrom, Ambrose, Esarey). Their reason was because of the salary of the job and format. They continue saying that one must be mature, tolerance, open minded, patience and self confidence. .( White, Gasperin, Nystrom, Ambrose, Esarey). This brings up a good point. Wanting to be a community correction officer must be a job one loves and have passion for it because the pay and burnouts that come along with it are not the greatest. One most really consider all the option, pros, and cons of the job before take it. Being a probation officer is like working in the back of a movie scene. Also that one must seen the offender beyond their offense. .( White, Gasperin, Nystrom, Ambrose, Esarey). Trying to see the offender by their offense takes a lot of humbleness. It’s hard to see pass someone who molested a child or murder and innocent child
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