Stress Management, Life Balance, And Prioritization Strategy

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Stress Management, Life Balance, and Prioritization Strategies
Maintaining stress management, life balance, and priorities are three positive strategies that should never go unrecognized. It is through the implementation of each of these strategies that individuals like myself will benefit most and live a more efficient, effective, and valuable lifestyle. After reflecting over the last four weeks of material there have been a variety of methods I would like to enact in my life in order to reach my personal goals and ultimately be successful. These methods range from planning out my weeks, to taking matters one step at a time and being my own self motivator.
Stress Management
First, it is important to realize that stress is an unavoidable
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After watching Dr. Gene James’ video he made me realize that yes, academia is an astonishing life achievement, but more importantly maintaining a balance between academics and my personal life is even more valuable. One strategy I believe would be utmost beneficial to implement towards my life balance is the seven-part method delivered by Brian Tracy in his book Eat That Frog. This particular strategy exhibits seven different steps ranging from deciding what my desires are through discussing my goals and objectives, to making daily progress in the hopes of achieving these major…show more content…
“The best place to start, on the path to managing the pace with grace and to making yourself as productive at work as possible, is to actually make your home life a sanctuary” (Davidson, 2010); meaning managing our time and energy between work and home is a realization that individuals must make for a balanced lifestyle. I must first begin my prioritization process through planning. I must consider at all times that I know what’s best and acknowledge which tasks will be most beneficial in the end. The next step after planning, whether I do it daily or weekly is to organize my plans. One piece of advice that I am sure to keep in mind while planning, prioritizing, and organizing is, “If you are like most people, you’re likely to accomplish more of what’s on your daily task list if you start with the hardest task” (Davidson, 2010). I couldn’t agree more with this piece of advice along with the 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time recognized by Brian Tracy. All of this advice will surely lead me on the right path to success.
“To perform your best, you must become your own cheerleader” (Tracy, 2007). By means of this, self-encouragement is a valuable strategy to include in prioritization. This can simply be done through self-coaching and self-encouragement by illustrating positive words, actions, and reactions on a daily basis. Being optimistic is another treasured strategy that could be beneficial in the improvement
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