Stress In Modern Life

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Healthy lifestyle is important to live a happy life. One common topic which is known by teenagers and adult related to healthy lifestyle is stress. Stress is a feeling and reaction of human body towards certain situations. According to Australian Psychological Society (2012), stress is defined as a sensation of being fear, anxiety and burden. A little stress is good to improve concentrations in doing work but extreme stress can cause health and psychological problems. Stress happens in both mind and body. To illustrate, in a threatening situation, human brain sends signal to the body and the body reacts accordingly in handling the risky situation. There are three types of stress which are episodic, chronic and acute stress.
Firstly, acute stress
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Chronic stress is a negative stress, which will lead health at risk. This is a long and lasting stress that comes from the continuous feeling of hopelessness due to several factors such as family dysfunction, feeling of helplessness and traumatic early children experience. Studies have shown that chronic stress leads to death if it is untreated. The disabling conditions such as stroke, heart attacks and obesity have a correlation to chronic stress. According to Australian Psychological Society (2012), modern life leads people to long-term stressful situations because stressor not taking any strategies to overcome it. Chronic stress is more difficult to identify because it is easily cohesive into lifestyles. The stress warning is based on the quality of life because critical physical conditions can worsen the situation. There are few examples of chronic stress, such as family problems, financial problems and mental illness. An example of family problems such as the death of love and divorce. If one of the family members is under stress, it affects the whole family. This is because family problems involve a close interrelationship. Mental illness is the long term stressed because patient suffers from it their whole life. The patient has high rates of suicide because they feel disappointed about themselves. All those problems cause the chronic stress or feeling moderate-to-high stress levels. Somehow, the patient of chronic stress feels out of control, they tend to do something that brings harmful to
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