Stress Fracture Case Study

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The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief insight into lower extremity and in particular, long bone stress fractures.
A stress fracture or hairline fracture is a fracture of the bone resulting from frequent or repetitive submaximal skeletal loading or inadvertent overuse of a particular bone. Stress fractures usually become apparent when repetitive stress applied to a bone is greater than the capacity of the bone to adapt to the repeated strain or force exerted on it (Pepper et al. 2006 p.4). They commonly occur in the weight bearing bones of the lower limbs or pelvic girdle and are associated with prolonged strenuous activity such as sprinting and jumping and musculoskeletal fatigue, with the onset of symptoms progressively becoming
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The timespan required for healing and bone remodelling is dependent on physiological parameters such as the blood supply of the bone and the site of the fracture (Wood et al. 2014 p.1), as well as a multitude of other contributing factors ranging from treatment and rehabilitation methods to activity level and diet.A fundamental understanding of the pertinent musculoskeletal aspects of normal long bone function is an integral element of accurately determining and examining the substantial physiological changes to human bones when damaged by stress fractures. As outlined by Doblare et al. 2003, bone fractures and the following remodelling and healing processes can only be understood in terms of the underlying bone structure and its mechanical role.This paper will seek to delineate the…show more content…
Simple or closed fractures are a full cortical break of the bone without penetrating the layer of skin, opposed to compound fractures which results in the bone breaking though soft tissues and protruding from the skin. Fractures such as compound and comminuted fractures (the bone shatters into fragments - associated with high impact traumas such as vehicle accidents and gun shot wounds) and also an impacted fracture (the two ends of a fractured bone are forced into each other) are particularly problematic as they could lead to osteomyelitis, a servere bone

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