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Stress creates physical and emotional effects in our daily lives. Many people have different definition of what stress is. Stress can be defined as a feeling created by a situation. Some say is a way the body prepare itself for rising challenge, with focus and strength. There are many different things that causes stress but, stressors are the main provokes to stress. There are four common sources of stress: survival, internal, environmental, and fatigue of overwork. Everyone under a lot of stress tend to become sick, tired and unable to concentrate or even think clearly. Once you start noticing stress symptoms, act on them, take care of your body, eat healthy and get at least eight hours of sleep.

Stress is not all bad, therefore eustress was formed. Eustress can be defined as positive stress. Eustress is short term, meaning it only last for a short period. It can also improve your performance daily. Many eustress motivates people to try harder. Eustress focuses energy more, encouraging growth. It can also be perceived as within our coping abilities. Eustress was based on a stress model by Richard Lazarus. People prefer eustress because of
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Social support can help in many ways. Having support there, can relief most stress. People like reliable people, someone they can turn to when they need a helping hand. Another technique is humor. Making someone laugh brightens there day. It takes away fear and worries away. Meditate can also decrease stress. Finding some time for yourself to get some rest helps a lot. Exercise is also another great technique. Releasing tension in the body helps the movement of oxygen throughout the body. Another great technique is seeking counseling. Talking to someone about what is going on, can help in the long run. Letting it all go, relive stress and mobilize the human’s mind. I plan on running to help with my stress. This assignment was very informative and I’m glad, I took the time to do

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