Strengths and Weaknesses of JetBlue: Bring Humanity Back to Air Travel

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Established in 1998 by David Neeleman, JetBlue offers a unique flying experience at a reasonably low rate. “Bring Humanity Back to Air Travel”, with a mission that holds truth, the Company is an advanced passenger airline that delivers outstanding customer service at competitive rates on point-to-point routes. Jet Blue offers its customers an efficient product with a aircraft that is fuel efficient. Leather seats, free entertainment during the flight located at every seat, assigned seating and reliable performance are all a part of what makes JetBlue a leader in its industry. Despite the recent downfall of the economy, JetBlue has managed to grow financially and spread geographically. As of December of 2009, the company began serving 60 locations in 21 states and more than 10 countries in the Caribbean’s and Latin America.

Low cost Airline of America
Like Southwest Airlines, JetBlue follows the low cost approach, however it adds to its services by providing free entertainment for its travelers. LiveTV, provides customers with live in flight satellite television and XM radio services, Wireless data communication and Internet services are just a few things that make this low cost airline a great way to travel. Unlike their competitors who charge additional fees for these services, the JetBlue experience includes these great amenities free of charge for its in-flight customers (Barger, 2007).
Although JetBlue is relatively a new company, it has managed to gain popularity in the United States because of its low fares and customer service. JetBlue was named the number one U.S. domestic airline by Coned Nast Traveler magazine’s “Readers’ Choice Awards” for the sixth year in a row (Barger, 2007).
Operational Strength

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...tting back costs as much as possible will allow JetBlue to invest in better and improved technology that will make people more interested in choosing JetBlue for their traveling as well as build a competitive barrier against its rival airline.
Southwest has many strong aspects contributing to its success. Its firm operating strategy, strong fleet and dominant market share in North America has kept them in the game along with JetBlue and other competitors. Through the acquisition of AirTran it has gained a great opportunity and expanded its market internationally, which was considered to be one of the things holding them back in the previous years. The company’s very conservative growth strategy, which has delayed its globalization, has also worked in their favor during the economic decline by not becoming involved in an area, which they were unfamiliar with.

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