Strengths and Weaknesses

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When it came time to meet with Dr. Amy Pardo for an individual meeting, we sat and mapped out the plan for the semester in English Composition II. Before enrolling into English Composition II, it was scared because it might have ended up being like English Composition I where the professor expressed that I did not write very well. After writing a paper for Dr. Pardo and receiving her critique back on it, she said the writing skills were excellent, but work needs to be done to a few things. During the individual meeting, we figured out work need to be done as far as grammar, punctuation, and structure, but the critical thinking and sentence formation are excellent. By evaluating the summary, rhetorical analysis, critique, and research paper, the strengths and weaknesses vary throughout all of the essays. While writing the summary, there were struggles at first to get a strong statement of direction due to the fact there was not an understanding of the concept of the summary. After receiving the graded summary and seeing the words “Please see me”, it was not going to be good. First, t...

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