Strengths, Weakness And Threats For University Hospital

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University Hospital is located in Augusta-Richmond Country region. They help ensure their patients will have quality medical services. They have a main hospital, Heart and Vascular Institute, treatment centers, and private practice physicians. They also have a secondary smaller site located in McDuffie County. University knows your health care doesn’t end at the door to the hospital. They recognize the need to serve the community closer to home. Marketing has a huge impact for University Hospital. They make the best use of social media. Patients are able to go online and share their experiences. They also have surveys they have nurses call and do once a patient has left. They shift their focus from volume to value. Successful marketing calls…show more content…
A periodic evaluation of your internal and external environment is an important part of the strategic planning process. Strengths describe what an organization excels at, allowing decisions on how to gain a competitive advantage. Weaknesses stop an organization from performing at its optimum level. They have the potential to reduce progress or to give a competitive edge to the competition. Opportunities refer to favorable external factors that an organization can use it its advantage. If utilized effectively, opportunities have the potential to create a competitive advantage. Threats refer to factors that have the potential to negatively impact an organization. After you have identified your goals, you need to prioritize, evaluate, and organize the combination of specific marketing strategies and tactics that will be best suited for you to use in pursuing your goals. Strategies are the ideas and approaches that are developed to achieve the goals. A well-constructed marketing plan is a perfect illustration of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Marketing strategy includes all basic, short-term, and long-term activities in the field of

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