Strengths As A Healthcare Professional

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Strengths as a Healthcare Professional The medical field is a growing industry of innovation and exploration. As humanity progresses into the 21st century, leadership within each organization will be the key to success. Even though novel diagnostic equipment and research is created outside the business, management has the task of integrating new resources into practice and nurturing improvement in every aspect of care. The decision makers of a medical company require skills in building relationships and report with dozens of representatives from medical support services in the country, potentially around the world. Moreover, administrators must effectively use risk management daily while training and motivating the workforce. In the following paragraphs, I will detail the leadership qualities I will exude as a healthcare professional. Critical Thinking Decisions and problems in the healthcare environment are rarely simple. Even if the answer is obvious, the path of implementation requires critical thought and analytical review of the parts involved. As a professional in the healthcare environment, I will use critical thinking constantly to evaluate every decision affecting my organization. For example, the hospital has been criticized for long wait times and the administration is determining solutions to the root cause. Thinking logically and analyzing the route a patient takes from the door to the bed, I will consider the front desk process, medical assistant responsibilities, available beds, and physician workload to discover which part needs improvement first. If the issue is number of beds available, discussions will be held to review the process of procuring more beds or allocating some from another department. A... ... middle of paper ... ...d identify what is not working (The Happy Manager, 2015). My professional goals are listed in a text document with an associated timeline. Primary objectives of each goal are listed with a description of the related tasks. I review my goals weekly to reassess the probability of achievement based on any obstacles that arise. Conclusion This paper documents my current strengths and strategies for success as a healthcare professional. With humility, I recognize the potential for change in my environment and my personal life that will affect these characteristics. Adaptation will be my greatest strength and transformational leadership my favorite strategy to accomplish the vision of my organization. Critical thinking, professional etiquette, open communications, and task management will increase the quality of my work and the quality of care provided by my company.
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