Strengths And Weaknesses Of The New Campaign

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ANF has attempted to do damage control in recent years. Following the departure of Mike Jeffries in 2013, ANF executives changed many policies within ANF stores. ANF stores no longer feature shirtless male models or racy imagery on the store 's shopping bags and posters. Floor models are now referred to as brand representatives. ANF stores now require managers to ask all ANF employee applicants why they feel diversity is important in the workplace. ANF no longer brands itself as a company that hires employees based off attractiveness and has taken initiatives to hire people from more diverse backgrounds. ANF stores now offer larger sizes for female apparel. However, a SWOT analysis shows other implications of the new campaign. Strengths of the campaign include that it has made adjustments to include others through fairer employment practices. Also, ANF made efforts to offer larger female clothing sizes for consumers. However, the weaknesses outweigh the strengths. Although, what ANF is doing is a step in the right direction, it never formally apologized to consumers. Additionally, the clothes in larger sizes that ANF stores do offer are hard to find and run out quickly. Although ANF may have mentioned being more inclusive in hiring practices, it still has a long way to go. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled against ANF for not hiring a Muslim girl at one of its stores because she wore a hijab. Opportunities for this campaign include the chance of more campaigns that can branch off of this effort to be a more socially-responsible company. However the major threat to this campaign is that due to ANF 's extensive list of social offenses, the campaign may have caused the company to look like it was unauthentic and that its i... ... middle of paper ... ...add to the unexpected factor. This campaign would be concrete because it would be explicitly telling people to love themselves. This campaign would use real regular people talking about personal struggles with self-esteem, adding to the credibility, emotional, and story element of the campaign. Although ANF has had a long history of socially irresponsible practice in the past decade, it may have a chance at redemption. However, for ANF to make meaningful change and work back to its previous level of success, it must demonstrate that its will to change is genuine and will last. In order to do this, it must try to work with the groups that it harmed over the years in order to try to undo the damage that it caused. LET THERE BE LIGHT would be a feasible campaign given ANF 's background and would give it the audience it needs to reach in order to turn the company around.

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