Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Client 's Strengths

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One way that I would assist the clients in this group to mobilize their strengths is by assuring them that their identified strengths, no matter what they are, are what make them strong. In order for someone to make a change they first must truly believe in it and in this case, believing in their strengths is what will get them to work through their current situation. Sometimes they just need to be reminded that they have strengths and it is a matter of assessing themselves. In order to start mobilizing their strengths it will take encouragement and validation. Through their relationship they have been perceived by their abuser as being worthless. By validating that they are worth more than what they have been told can help to encourage their motivation. By having someone encouraging them to identify those strengths and use them in their life can be something they have never experienced. A second way to assist in mobilizing the client’s strengths is by creating an action plan. This action plan will involve addressing how and when they will be able to use that strength. The more ...

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