Strengths And Weaknesses Of Psychobiography As An Approach To Understanding Personality

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Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of psychobiography as an approach to understanding personality.

Psychobiography is research work from archival data such as letters, book, and interviews, rather than directly interacting with the person begins described. The studies of individuals suing non-experimental methods lack both the statistical advantages of large correlational studies and the advantages stemming from the control of independent variables in the experimental. (Cloninger, 2013) (p.13). Psychoanalysis warns that subjective factors (transference) can be a source of error in psychobiography (Schepler ,1990) . (Cloninger ,2013). When trying to show the different examples of the strengthen and weakness, president Obama has shown strength for the entire United States of America for the last 7-1/2 years, he has been a positive influences and has never once promoted
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Jung described his theory as a personal unconscious of each individual that is developed because of the person 's unique experiences. Jung also described a deeper layer to the unconscious a collective unconscious inherited unconscious. (Cloninger ,2013) p. 51.Freud referred to it as a conscious level refers to experiences of which a person is aware including memories and intentional actions. Freud also stated that explanations are often wrong. The most important determinants of behaviors are not available to our thought. (Cloninger ,2013) p.23 The difference between Jung’s understanding and Freud, Jung’s the unconscious consist of mere general motivations which have spiritual content (Cloninger 2013 ) p.17. According to Freud (Cloninger 2013) the unconscious consist of sexual and aggressive wishes that are unacceptable to the conscious personality.(Cloninger 2013) p. 17 .

Cloninger S. (2013). Theories of Personality Understanding Persons. Sixth edition. Boston. Pearson

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