Strengths And Weaknesses Of Bureaucracy In Construction

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Among other things, the owner group comprises some important factors, the bureaucracy is also one of factors that influencing design changes(Kazaz,2012).Especially in some developing countries, several of bureaucratic barriers usually show in public construction projects, and thus delays in executing the works owing to the shortage of required supports of public establishments. Another weakness infects a construction project health, which is Poor management skill of the owner. Public establishment in a public construction project or innovative company’s board of directors in a private project might suffer from notability of management as a user , applying basic governmental principles (Kazaz,2012).As a consequence, the all factors
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(Wu,2005) It makes the construction become efficient and safety if contractor requested change order generally, and also could make construction quality and surrounding friendliness. (Wu,2005) Without demanding extra costs, the project owner most of time that accepted change order requests(Wu,2005). There are some situations in the original construction process. Such as the underground conditions , this caused by lacking of construction site investigation by the design department, or further requirements of underground developments or improvement of underground monitoring and sensing, and differing underground condition and seepage when construction excavation. Hsieh(2004)agreed that “Underground conditions tend to be more complicated in the depth range of 2–5 m below ground, and all the more complicated in areas that were previously riverbed”. Otherwise, unsuitable construction methods or the other human mistakes could also result in man-made disasters, which mean on-site work of repairing would cause change designs.…show more content…
The material changes could include fluctuation in material prices, contractor’s financial problems, and selection of unsuitable material or material storage problems (Kazaz,2012). Financial factors include relative importance values. Inflation is the most important factor, which cause material prices fluctuation (Kazaz,2012) .Although cash flow problem caused by the owner ,it directly lead to the main contractor could not gain the monthly progress payments. Equally, inflation and the constant increase of material prices are having a close relationship with another change design material factors. This relationship could be explained by the realities that unsteady inflation making a great influence on material prices. In fact, the one factors in this group indicate budget problems in the project-level, while the others mean financial problems in the country-level(Kazaz,2012) .However, it is evident that overrun-based financial factors in construction basically arise from private owners and public institutions, and lead to time extension, from general contractors . It would also be claimed that a country’s financial atmosphere has secondary effect on the time extension issue of a construction project investment. (Steffens,2007 )These evidences obviously highlight that a sound time preparation and projection is not caused by the parties in a construction project, and that

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