Strengths And Weaknesses Of Alternative Marketing Options

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Alternative Marketing Options
In every business, large and small, effectively marketing the products and services the company has to offer is crucial to success. There are different ways that a company can choose to market a product or service. This paper will rank the alternative marketing options in the categories of advertising, personal selling, public relations, and promotions. This paper will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each communication venue, and provide justification based on the target market and the competition for the X1 Platform on XFINITY.
Marketing Options There are many marketing options for XFINITY to consider in marketing the X1 Entertainment Operating System. With digital advertising campaigns on
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The target customers for the X1 system are the consumers who are living in the digital era of Live stream TV, On-Demand Video, and social networking. The company is able to reach a wide audience using these options of advertising, including the ability to reach the subscribers from the competition. Strengths Online advertising includes banner ads, email campaigns, and affiliate marketing (Berry, 2014). These advertisements can reach a wide range of audience at a lower cost than other communication venues, and is a powerful marketing source for any business. Television advertising can also reach a large audience, including the market of the competition. Weaknesses The biggest weakness in this communication venue would be the cost related to the advertisements. The prime time television commercials on a channel seen nationwide could cost the company tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars (Berry, 2014).
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This is useful in relaying new product information to different media outlets. Weaknesses Public relations campaigns are costly for a business. Unless the company has an in-house Public Relations team, the business must hire outside the company and create an extra expense for the business.
This communication venue involves short-term incentives to encourage customers and clients to buy the product or service. A few of these marketing options include sales flyers, price discounts, and coupons for the product or service ("7 Main Types Of Promotion," 2014). This method would entice many new clients to move services from the competition, but would not be the most efficient way to market the X1 service over a long period. Strengths With short-term incentives, clients and customers are more enticed to act quickly and disregard the product or service offered by the competition. Weaknesses When introducing a significant amount of low-cost incentives of the service, consumers may only buy the product or service at the lower cost. By doing this, the business has the potential to lose a significant amount of profit

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