Strengths And Weaknesses In Time Management

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The weaknesses I demonstrate are Time Management, Quantitative Decision Making, and Setting Clear Goals.
Time Management
One of my weaknesses is a need to improve my time management skills. I spend a tremendous amount of time working with the leadership team and their staff. It is not unusual for me to work the front line with my staff in order to build trust, develop their skills sets and provide coaching. I also take the opportunity to assess the operations or our centers. My issue with this approach is that it leaves me with a minimal amount of time to work on my assignments and objectives. I need to find a way to balance my leadership approach so that I can continue to work with the staff and get my tasks completed in a timely manner.
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The first recommendation that I would address using the Transformational Leadership Theory is Time Management. I want to continue to work with my employees and motivate them to go above and beyond in helping our customers achieve their goals while doing a better job of completing my tasks on time. In order to reach this goal, I must partake in time management classes and/or workshops. By learning the art of managing time, I should be able to balance my work load, while leading and inspiring my employees. The impact on me taking time management classes, will not only improve my performance, but I can also assist my staff in coaching them on how to manage their…show more content…
My group of employees look to me for guidance and assurance, but I need to do a better job of working with the individual workers in order to strengthen the bond and increasing my knowledge of the operational experience from those working the front line. I will need to schedule more one-on-one meetings including ad-hoc discussions and impromptu sit-ins with the staff. The impact of this action would add another level of confidence and loyalty between me and the employees. Increasing the bond would ensure a stronger relationship and improve the communications between employer and
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