Strengths And Weaknesses In Literature

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Throughout the year in Pre-AP English Literature I have learned a lot of information on the writing process. Through various writing assignments, I have learned to identify my strengths and weaknesses by reviewing my essays and writing reflections to look back on my improvements and my accomplishments. These perennial writing experiences I have done in class, as well as outside of class, have develop my writing skills tremendously by focusing on the pattern of the CEW structure, along with a clear, precise thesis that helps create a main idea and theme to follow while writing. Although, I feel my writing has gotten better, I feel there are a lot of improvements to be made that can help me reach the next level in my senior English class as well…show more content…
Writing about a poem came easier to me because of my knowledge of the writing process and about what certain devices were in poems. I wrote a lot more on the final exam, for many reasons. One of them being the tons of practice we got reading, annotating, and analyzing the specific poem 's devices and themes. The second reason being, the individual quizzes given that required us to search for certain parts of our essay by analyzing poems. Looking for evidence to support our detailed warrants, and constructing a good thesis that reflected the theme well enough to write a well thought out essay. This practice in general helped a lot for getting me ready for the final exam. When it came to the final exam, the timing threw me off a bit by causing me write faster and keep track of my time more effectively. It was hard to gather enough thoughts and write at the same time. Both of these things combined, caused me not to write the best warrants. I feel if I was given more time I could have wrote more precise, strong warrants that would have explained my theme of the poem more accurately. Certain strengths like finding evidence, and creating the thesis was shown by my writing abilities that demonstrated me writing in the correct format as efficient as
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