Strengths And Weaknesses In Education

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By attending Southeastern Louisiana University, I have learned several different aspects that an educator must have to be effective. An effective educator must do whatever it takes to have their students succeed. Effective educators are passionate in everything they do. They are thoughtful and understanding. Effective teachers must have a well-managed classroom and are always prepared. They are willing to work collaboratively. They must engage their students every day and build a strong relationship with their students. All effective teachers are looking for opportunities to have an impact on their students. It takes plenty of time and practice to become an effective educator. I do truly believe that Southeastern Louisiana University has the…show more content…
I feel like my strengths are in lesson planning and assessments. While making lesson plans, I try to make everything perfect. I have always been told, while making a lesson plan, write it as someone else is going to teach it. I make all my lesson plans very detailed. I also try to make my lesson plans engaging and fun for students, but also make sure the students are learning at the same time. I make sure my objectives are observable and measureable and classified according to Bloom’s Taxonomy. I also make sure my standards are always connected to the objectives. I try to always make sure I stay on topic with the standards. While making my instruction, I try to hook the students so they are ready to begin the lesson. During whole group instruction, I will teach the lesson and make sure I relate it to the student’s life. I feel like that will always catch student’s attention. The guided practice will always be done in groups and the independent practice will access the learning. While making a closure, I will make sure the students have learned what needed to be learned. I am really a perfectionist when it comes to making lesson plans, but I do have my weakness in other things. I feel like I will have a hard time managing my classroom. While making my classroom management plan, there are so many different ideas and ways to manage a classroom. I felt like it was hard for me to decide which ideas to choose. I feel like once I start working more in the field, it will be easier for me to know which ideas will be best for me to management my future
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